At Sparks Metalcrafters expect to be moved on two fronts: our customer service and our quality custom American made products. It doesn’t matter if you are spending $10 or $10,000 you can expect the same high caliber experience. Here, customer service and creating quality product are our top priorities. 

Our Story

The business got its start when we bought a new piece of equipment for our initial business, Pulse Performance Parts LLC that makes specialized machined parts for motorcycles, high end audio equipment and adaptive technologies. To test it out the owner designed and made a few sample pieces, a metal Marine Corps medallion and an American flag. Both pieces were made to honor his time in the Marine Corps serving this great nation.

What happened next took us all by surprise. Customers were captivated by the design, vibrant colors and shiny surface of the metal art when they walked in the door. Could we make them a flag too? Could we create custom pieces for people or even make custom company logos? We knew we were onto something special. Sparks Metalcrafters was born in 2015 as a DBA to Pulse Performance Parts LLC.

Our Art

Today, the bulk of the business is creating metal art based on country, patriotism and veterans. Each piece of metal art is handcrafted here in our facility in Sparks, Nevada using American made equipment and American metal.


Our Values

Since the owner is a Marine Corps Veteran, it’s no surprise that Sparks Metalcrafters business philosophy has the following core values: honor, courage, and commitment. You’ll feel that respect whether you stop by the store, call on the phone, or even send an email. 




Our Work


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